2017 Child Advocacy Day Highlight Video

April is a busy month for recognizing the value of Missouri’s children. April 6th was the 35th anniversary of Missouri’s Child Advocacy Day and April was Child Abuse Prevention Month, celebrated on April 13 with the Pinwheels for Prevention ceremony at the capitol.

The Family and Community Trust through its 20 Community Partnerships and through its two child-focused initiatives, Missouri KIDS COUNT and No Kid Hungry, had a strong presence at both events. We had over 60 people from all over the state at CAD, and we sponsored the first ever display of Pinwheels in some of the downtown Jefferson City tree wells, thanks to the support of Mayor Tergin and Downtown Jefferson City, Inc.

Missouri KIDS COUNT hosted their second annual roundtable during CAD, to present the latest MO KIDS COUNT data and county rankings. There was a lively discussion among the KIDS COUNT team of experts and the hearing room only crowd.

See the following highlight video for more from CAD and Pinwheels for Prevention.


May 22, 2017